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  • Main organisation platform is this wiki page. Here you can collect/present proposals and use the talk page
  • Other communication channels are the mailing list, Signal-group and the Facebook group. Please transfer all relevant info to the wiki page.

Main Gathering

As always it's most likely going to be in the first two weeks of August. Nothing has been planned yet.


Please consider the checklist for suggested places: Hitchgathering#Checklist

  • Germany, Sylt

Suggested on the Signal Group. Inspired by the plan by punks and othewrs to invade the island of the rich  with the "9-Euro-Ticket".

  • Germany, Langenwasser See

Same suggestion like last year.

  • Bulgaria, Kara Dere

A reunion gathering of the HG 2011 in Kara Dere was announced on the Hitchgathering facebook group.


  • Proposal 1
  • Proposal 2
  • Propasal 3


Pre- and Postgatherings

  • Gathering 1
  • Gathering 2
  • Gathering 3